Is inbound marketing the right solution for my business?

We compiled 5 simple questions that will help you understand if inbound marketing works for you specific type of business.

Inbound marketing as a strategy does not fit every business. Here is a short questionnaire to help you decide, in a first run, whether inbound marketing is for you or not.

Inbound marketing questionnaire

Please answer the following questions with YES or NO:

  • Am I a B2B business with a complete website where content is curated and planned?
  • Is my product a complex one, with high involvement, that needs a consultation before purchase?
  • Has my product a long life and should satisfy the customer for many years and in many different situations?
  • Is the price of my product or service high and requires a longer search process from the customer?
  • Is my product modular or customizable?


If you answered less than 2 times yes, then inbound marketing might not be the right tool for your digital marketing strategy. You might sell a service or product with low complexity and/or low involvement and/or low price.

If you answered 3 times or more with yes, you might want to consider inbound marketing as a possible approach to digital marketing.

Characteristics for inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the right solution for products and services with the following characteristics:

  • High price
  • Purchase seen as investment
  • Complex solutions

Inbound marketing is not the right solution for products and services with the following characteristics:

  • Low price
  • FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods)
  • Impulsive purchase

Important note
Whatever the result of this small questionnaire was for you, keep in mind that relevant “content” is always a good recipe to win attention.

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