Our Mission

Why we started OpenInbound?

OpenInbound? What is this? In short - OpenInbound is like Google Analytics but instead of tracking visits and page views, we track contacts and their interactions on websites. OpenInbound is a solution for Online Marketers who want to apply modern Content/Inbound Marketing tactics on websites.

Why OpenInbound?

We (netnode.ch) are focusing on Drupal since 2005. We are building Drupal sites and applications since years. In the last couple of years, we more and more considered about analytics and how to optimise websites towards it's main goal — usually attracting new customers trough a website. Our job is building websites, including it's related online marketing efforts.


We saw and see a gap between online marketing agencies and web development agencies. Todays online marketing is not easy. A couple of years ago it was enough to add SEO-keywords on the website, install Google analytics and buy some Google Adwords. Today it is much more complex. Organisations think about the "Customer Experience", multichannel marketing, analytics driven business, personalisation and more.

As a Drupal agency we often had to integrate "some kind" of "Online Marketing", from hacky SEO keyword stuffer to enterprise tools like Hubspot. About a year ago, we started to think about creating a custom solution for Content/Inbound Marketing based on Drupal. Todays result is OpenInbound.com.

In short, we see a lot of potential to create a suite of modules for Drupal specifically around Content/Inbound Marketing.

We think...

  • Pull Marketing is the future of (Online-) Marketing
  • Drupal, WordPress and any Open Source CMS should have an inbound marketing solution built in
  • Online/Content/Inbound Marketing on Drupal and WordPress should be easy
  • Integration should be as simple as installing an app on an iPhone (no need for a developer to setup)

Our mission

  • Become the best online marketing suite for Drupal, WordPress and any Open Source CMS
  • Become a top 10 Drupal and WordPress project