Become an OpenInbound Partner

Using a tool like OpenInbound needs deep understanding about digital strategy andĀ inbound marketing. Not all customers who want to use OpenInbound are able to set it up the way it should. This is a business opportunity for agencies who want to offer OpenInbound to customers.

What is an OpenInbound partner?

OpenInbound partners act as an "implementing partner" for marketing solutions based on OpenInbound. Typically it's a marketing agency who consults clients related to "digital".

Benefits for OpenInbound partners

  • Listing on the website incl. logo, short description, country and backlink to the website
  • One free OpenInbound account (can only be used for agencies own purpose)
  • Direct access to OpenInbound staff for support
  • Potential customers who learn about OpenInbound can browser the partners directory which bring potential customers to your website

How does it work?

OpenInbound partnerships are open to everybody. There is no paper contract. The only requirement we ask for is, that you mention your OpenInbound partnership on your website including the partnership logo. Typically this can be done on your "solutions" site, in the footer or anywhere on your website.

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