Empower your marketing and sales team with data, process and tools.

OpenInbound is like Google Analytics but instead of tracking visits and page views, OpenInbound tracks contacts and their interactions on websites. OpenInbound is a solution for marketing and sales teams who want to apply modern Content/Inbound Marketing tactics on websites.

Marketing is changing (fast)

There is a big shift form push marketing to pull marketing taking place right now. Today's customer is different than 10 years ago. Small and medium sized companies struggle to get along with this shift.

OpenInbound is the best solution for Drupal based websites to overcome this issue. It helps you to organise and execute your online marketing efforts.

Data — know your prospects, leads and new customers

OpenInbound helps you to track individual contacts. Instead of measuring how much traffic you have every month, OpenInbound tracks every single interaction by every single contact. Based on this data, you learn what people are looking for, how they interact with your site, what content they want and last but not least — if they want to buy from you.

There will be a lot of data. OpenInbound helps you to focus on the prospects that are important for you.

Process — do marketing and sales based on real time contact data

OpenInbound comes with an actionable dashboard. The dashboard shows all results of your marketing efforts and lets you decide which lead should be contacted next.

Tools — all you want in one solution

OpenInbound offers a wide range of integrated online marketing tools. Landing Pages, Mailings, SEO analysis, Personalisation, Marketing Automation and many more.